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Verona-not only the city for lovers, or the Opera in summertime...

To attend the Opera in the Arena is a wonderful experience, even if you don't particularly love opera, you can dream about history. For a few moments enter the little court of Via Cappello or visit the entire "house of Juliet", rich in furniture from the 15th century and enact your own romantic scene on the famous balcony, It can add that touch of romance and fantasy to your stay in our city.

But all that is very little compared to how much, culturally and artistically, Verona can offer all the year round - and even less if you take Verona as the line of departure for your everyday excursions to discover Veneto and the other border-regions.

Why lose time moving every day from city to city, transporting your luggage and wasting your precious time searching for new lodgings or rushing to reach one you have reserved, to discover that you have only a short time to visit places of interest without being able to savour fully all they could offer to a more careful and relaxed visitor ?

Make Verona your departure point for "every day excursions" to the nearby cities - it's the ideal solution in order to maximise your time and your enjoyment of your stay in Veneto.

Why Verona and not another city?

Well, because of its geographic position, Verona  is your ideal base, being at the crossroads of the two main communication routes of Italy, the route Monaco - Innsbruck - Bolzano - Verona - Modena - Bologna - Florence that will later carry you on to explore Central Italy and our splendid and little-known Southern Italy, and the line Turin - Milan - Verona - Venice that ideally cuts Italy itself in two.

Add to all this, the fact that Verona is numbered among the cities considered “Heritage city of the World” under the "aegis" of Unesco, and you have to agree that Verona has indeed all the qualifications to make it the ideal place to stay for a few days in order to get to know much better the northern part of Italy and the Venetian Region.

The City and its outskirts

Besides the interesting sites already mentioned, there are some interesting sites on the outskirts of the city which should become part of the itinerary of the discerning lover of culture and beauty:

The Basilica of San Zeno, one of the best examples of Romanesque style in the world, with its huge wooden door covered with the famous sculptured bronze tiles narrating episodes of the Old and New Testament and some events in the life of Saint Zeno. Inside, besides numerous works of art (among which a Trittico of Andrea Mantegna), the crypt under the altar contains the human remains of the Saint.

Castelvecchio: The castle was constructed in the middle of 13th century to defend the Scaligeri family, and it has been entirely modernized and reconstructed by the famous architect Carlo Scarpa as a center for art and museum. In the background of the castle is the magnificent bridge on the Adige river, a feat of the best engineering of the 14th century.

Beside the Castle is the Arco dei Gavi, a door of access along the Via Postumia, dismantled during the French domination in order to improve the citys practicability, was reconstructed in 1932 in the position in which it can be admired, assembling pieces conserved over a considerable period in the Arena's Arches and even today it is the subject of numerous studies.

You will pass through Porta Borsari, probably so called because here the toll-collectors <Bursarii>  collected the custom charges on goods in transit to and from the city. Following the route, you will arrive in Piazza Erbe with the splendid facades and its Tower of Lamberti from the top of which you will be able to admire Verona and the surrounding hills. Here also is Piazza dei Signori in which is the Palazzo della Ragione and the wonderful Loggia del Consiglio, to follow the Arche Scaligere, a wonderful example of Gothic art.

Continuing the route, you will be able to opt for a visit to the Church of San Fermo Maggiore, consisting of two separate Churches inserted one within the other, before continuing on to the Casa di Giulietta and Porta Leoni or going towards Sant'Anastasia in order to admire the powerful architecture and the paintings of Pisanello conserved inside. From here you must visit the architectural complex the Duomo that incorporates a Cathedral, a  Public square, the Biblioteca Capitolare (a great attraction for scholars because of its precious contents), the nice Chiostro and other structures.

Last but not least, we want to encourage you to visit the Church of Santa Maria in Organo,absolutely not to be missed,  for the splendid wooden inlays that surround the choir and adorn the walls of the Sacristy, the work of Friar Giovanni from Verona, an Olivetano monk who, up to the end of the 15th century produced such works of art provoking the admiration of numerous artists, among them the Vasari.

And we could go on and on with numerous descriptions of and recommendations for San Giovanni in Foro, San Giorgio in Braida, Santo Stefano, San Lorenzo, the Roman Theatre and the museums (the Lapidario or the archaeological one in the Roman Theatre), the art galleries and the gardens, from Giardini Giusti in Verona and the Park of Villa Sigurtà to Valeggio sul Mincio, continuing then to the vicinity of Borghetto for an ideal immersion in the past, that makes you understand that Verona and the surrounding region needs much more than a single day for a real visit and for the necessary relaxing breaks in the the numerous taverns that abound in the historic centre - a must to feel a participant in the life of this city.

From Verona to...

But as we said, Verona is also an optimal base for your excursions outside the walls  of the scaligere. By car, train or bus you will be able comfortably to reach the city limits within a period ranging from 20 minutes to an hour, Lago di Garda for a cultural visit or a simple refreshing swim, the vineyards of the Valpolicella that offer also numerous cultural reasons for a visit, for example the Church of San Giorgio Inganapoltron, or just enjoy a pleasant break near the main “monuments” which naturally include the Bridge of Veia, the Waterfalls of Molina and the Covoli di Camposilvano, the Lessinia for walks in the mountains (or bring your skis in winter) and at last the Soave area with its Castle and of course the rich oenological possibilities .

Next on to Mantova, surrounded by its lakes, with splendid Palazzo Ducale that alone is worth the 30 minutes' travel, but taken together with a visit to Palazzo Te, as well as with the many sights that we have suggested, will render the entire day that you will spend here - a few kilometres from Verona - special.  

Farther south, Modena, Parma and Bologna await you (just to mention the greater cities) rich in art, history and, it must be said, gastronomy.

To the North, the Castle of the Buonconsiglio frames the city of Trento which you can visit in a day, and before this, Rovereto with the collections and the exhibitions of the MART (set up as a musuem of art a few years ago), awaits you.

Further, Bolzano for a day's shopping in the pleasant Via Portici, breathing, if it's the season, the Christmas air of the famous mercatino or visiting the numerous castles that encircle it and savouring the altoatesine specialities and the fresh beer (in many cases produced in local micro-breweries), or typical wines of the territory of elegant structure and smooth finish.

While in the West you will be able stop and visit the Lago di Garda with its small villages such as Lazise, Bardolino, Garda, Malcesine and Riva del Garda or drive on the Brescia side for a visit to beautiful Sirmione with the famous Caves of Catullo and the Roman ruins, continuing then for Salò and the Gardone Riviera where a visit to the to the 'Vittoriale'/museum, the eccentric residence of Gabriel D' Annunzio, is a must. Alternatively, you can rest at the lakeside for a day of simple relaxation and a refreshing or restorative swim, experience the thermal waters, let your fancy take flight as the lake waters pamper you or admire the panorama from one of the numerous ferries that will carry you from from one place to the next until you reach Riva del Garda, returning the same way or by bus in the evening.

Farther beyond, to the west, you will be able to discover Brescia, with its public squares and the monumental Dome, Bergamo with its interesting and pleasant, rich Città Alta, residences of princes and dukes, all for you to see, or you will be able to journey on to Milan (by train 1 hour and 40 minutes) in order to visit the Dome, to admire the Last Supper, Castello Sforzesco or 'shop till you drop' in the famous luxury shops of the city centre.

But above all, Verona is particularly useful as a base to visit the areas to the east,  Vicenza, Padova and of course, Venice.   

In a single half hour by train. you will be able to visit the seventeenth and eighteenth century palaces that make the center of Vicenza an architectural jewel, not to mention the numerous works of Palladio, among them the Olympic Theatre, and the Villas which he planned and built outside the city, to mention a few: Pisani Villa, Trissino Villa and Villa Capra, best known as "La Rotonda".

In Padova you will be able to admire the recently restored masterwork of Giotto in the Capella degli Scrovegni, the public square bustlinging with market-life dominated by the Palazzo della Ragione, the Prato della Valle with its statues, the largest public square in Europe, where every Saturday an interesting antique market is held, and the nearby Basilica of Sant'Antonio, the world-wide centre of devotion to the saint.

Finally, Venice, which needs no introduction, being world-famous for its unique character.

We invite you therefore to seriously consider staying in Verona longer than a single night, for all the reasons mentioned up to now and for many more we have not which you can have the pleasure of discovering for yourself. Verona deserves to be fully savoured, not  absent-mindedly tasted.

We wish you an enjoyable stay in our city.

Giusy & Davide